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Prostate Cancer and Bladder Leakage: What You Need to Know


Prostate Cancer and Bladder Leakage: What You Need to Know

Men - Blue September is a great time to think about your bladder health, especially if you are battling with or recovering from prostate cancer.

Urinary leakage is common after prostate surgery, although it is usually temporary after this type of procedure, lasting for the first 6-12 months.*

With this in mind, TENA, a proud sponsor of both the Prostate Foundation of New Zealand and Continence NZ, has created a helpful brochure full of facts, tips and both a pelvic floor and product guide.

Urine leakage is more common than you might think. Research indicates that up to 1 in 4 men over 40 can experience it – so all men will benefit from the tips in this brochure.

Download a copy here or email info@continence.org.nz to request a physical copy.

If you would like to be a sent a physical copy, please note there may be a delay due to the current lockdown.

*SCA Study 2013, UK, US, DE, IT, MEX, RU, self-reported methodology, data on file not published.

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