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Medical / Fitness

Ask Continence Questions From Your Website

Use our widget to enable your visitors to ask questions about continence directly from their websites. Just copy the code into your website.... more>>

Epidemiology - Statistics

Epidemiology: Some general principles Epidemiology is the study of disease and disability in populations. Population is used in the technical sense as a group of subjects who all share a common characteristic. This may be that they all live in a certain location, the usual sense of the word, but... more>>

Service Specifications

Click here to view the service specifications... more>>

Online Continence Education Programme

Continence Education - Adult's Programme Nearly four hours of video with a synchronised Powerpoint slideshow. Watch the presentations, then answer the multi-choice questions to earn your certificate. Presenter: Andrea Lord. www.continence-education.org.nz... more>>


ICS - Terminology BPAC guidelines for urinary incontinence in women: the management of urinary incontinence in women NICE guidelines for faecal incontinence in adults: management. NICE guidelines for urinary incontinence in neurological disease: assessment and management Medsafe Nocturia... more>>

Advanced Continence Education

POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN HEALTH SCIENCES - CONTINENCE MANAGEMENT. The University of Otago's postgraduate certificate will extend your knowledge of complex continence problems and support you in providing better, confident, and autonomous evidence-based care to your patients. Teaching offers... more>>

Australia and New Zealand Continence Journal

The Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal (ANZCJ) is the only multidisciplinary journal dedicated to researching the diagnosis, treatment and management of incontinence, bringing together the medical, nursing and allied health specialties of: Nursing Gastroenterology Gerontology Paediatrics... more>>

Research + Research Applications

Research - Research articles can be found here. Grants in aid of research Information & Conditions General Continence NZ is an organization comprising members who have a professional interest in continence. An important aim of Continence NZ is to promote research into continence, particularly... more>>

Research Articles

Research Articles - Available articles in PDF form: Research priorities in urinary incontinence: results from citizens’ juries Action Research: Supporting quality in a nursing continence service. Facilitating controlled transparency about continence issues in New Zealand... more>>

Links for Medical Professionals

Movicol (also known as Macrogol, PEG3350) Medsafe Data Sheet - Movicol. Treatment of faecal impaction with polyethelene glycol plus electrolytes (PGE + E) followed by a double-blind comparison of PEG + E versus lactulose as maintenance therapy. PEG 3350 (Transipeg) versus lactulose in the... more>>