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Continence NZ is an organization comprising members who have a professional interest in continence. An important aim of Continence NZ is to promote research into continence, particularly as it affects New Zealanders.

Grants for research may be awarded to medical or non-medical researchers whose applications satisfy the aims of the NZCA.

Continence NZ delegates authority for the administration of its grants in aid of research to its National Executive Committee or a sub-committee appointed by the National Executive Committee. In formulating its recommendations the Research Advisory Committee considers the scientific merits of the research proposed, the funds available, and the extent to which the proposal supports the aims of the NZCA. Most grants made are of a seeding nature and offer support for a year or less.

Grants may be used for some or all of the following purposes:

  1. The purchase of equipment and supplies specifically required for the conduct of the research.
  2. Working expenses of the research project.
  3. The payment of salaries and wages, however as the funds available will be limited generally salaries are unlikely to be funded.

Applications for grants are generally called once each year, in February/March, and completed applications are to be submitted to the National Executive Office by 31 May. Decisions on grant applications will be made during June.

The expectation of Continence NZ is that funding of a research project will result in a presentation at the scientific meeting of Continence NZ and the publication of a paper in a reputable journal. We strongly encourage applicants to consider publication of the research in the Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal.

Specific conditions that apply to grants made by Continence NZ

  1. Ownership
    Unless otherwise stated in the notice of the award of a grant, equipment purchased under the grant shall become the property of the host institution from the commencement of the grant.
  2. Variation
    No project funded, or otherwise assisted by Continence NZ may be varied by the grantee without the approval of the National Executive Committee or its Research Advisory sub-committee. Should a project be discontinued, the grantee must inform the Chief Executive Officer promptly so that the funds remaining may be applied for the promotion of other projects. If a grantee fails to commence research work on a project within six months from the date of approval the funding of the project will be deemed to have lapsed. Continence NZ reserves the right to discontinue funding at any time should it come to notice that the funds are not being applied in a satisfactory manner and if circumstances warrant seek the return of any unexpended funds.
  3. Ethical Approval
    All research proposals involving human subjects or animals must be approved by an appropriate Ethics Committee.
  4. Acknowledgement
    In any publication or presentation of research supported by Continence NZ the support of Continence NZ must be acknowledged. A minimal statement would be in the form:
    This work was supported by the Continence NZ
  5. Publicity
    If you do not agree to the mention of your name to the news media in the event of your application being successful, please advise the Chief Executive Officer of Continence NZ.
  6. Research Reports
    While Continence NZ may require that a report on work in progress under a grant be submitted at any time, recipients of grants that have been current for seven months or longer, will be required to write a report on completed work or work in progress, for inclusion in the Chief Executive Officer’s Annual Report, and discussed as an agenda item at the Annual General Meeting. Reports will be required in early July in the form determined by the Chief Executive Officer. The aim of Continence NZ is to promote a high standard of reporting in terms of scientific presentation and lay understanding in order to promote the widest possible interest in the work supported by Continence NZ. Recipients of grants are expected to understand that not only must their work satisfy members of Continence NZ, but also must be seen by members of Continence NZ as worthy of support in the promotion of research in terms of the aims of the Continence NZ.
    Continence NZ expects to receive a copy of any publication arising from work it has supported.
  7. Format of Applications
    Applications must conform to the outline shown in Continence NZ document “Format for Applications for Grants in Aid of Research.”

    Any enquires should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer of Continence NZ.
    The postal address is

    Chief Executive Officer,
    Continence NZ,
    PO Box 254
    Waiuku 2123.

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