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Continence NZ statement on surgical mesh

Continence NZ is aware of safety concerns regarding the use of surgical mesh and we are aware that the Ministry of Health has supported a time-limited pause on the use of surgical mesh for stress urinary incontinence.

It is not within our organisation's remit to determine the safety of surgical mesh procedures, but we support access to safe choices for treating and managing stress urinary incontinence and believe that patients considering treatment should have access to good health information.

The Ministry of Health website offers information on the rationale for this decision. Find a link here.


Stress urinary incontinence is a treatable medical condition and we encourage those who experience this condition to seek medical help early.

For many people, stress urinary incontinence is treatable through non-surgical treatments such as physiotherapy, diet and lifestyle changes when treatment is sought early.

If you need support please call our helpline on 0800 650 659.