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About Continence NZ

A little about Continence NZ

Continence NZ was established to provide a service to people with continence problems, caregivers, health professionals and the general public by providing information and education on continence topics.

Continence NZ has developed a service in an area that has largely been ignored in the past by health professionals and health providers. The sufferers have been too embarrassed or unable to access appropriate help and in a majority of cases, suffered in silence.

From small beginnings, our annual public awareness campaign has developed into an effective method of promoting awareness of continence problems and providing access to professional help. This has been greatly assisted by the establishment of a national toll-free 0800 HELPLINE. We also have a role in lobbying government to provide access to equitable, standardised continence services throughout New Zealand.

We thank you for taking the time to view our site and hope you find it assists you. If you are still in need of continence related information after browsing the site please don't hesitate to use our 0800 HELPLINE number, or use the continence questions page provided.