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Continence NZ Team


Dr Anna Lawrence

Dr Anna Lawrence is a New Zealand trained Urologist with sub-specialty training in male and female voiding dysfunction, management of post prostate cancer therapy complications, incontinence, Urethral and Pelvic Reconstructive Urology, adolescence urology and neuro-urology. 

Treasurer: Laurie Hilsgen
Secretary: Mary-Anne Caulfield

Executive Officer:

Louise Judd.

Committee Members:


Laurie Hilsgen: CEO of Carers New Zealand

Helen Peek : Continence Nurse Specialist

Mary-Anne Caulfield : Specialty Nurse - Continence

Lucy Keedle: Central PHO Cancer Nurse & CNS womens Health

Louise Mills: Clinical Nurse Specialist - Continence 

Liz Childs: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist