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Continence Product Suppliers

Database of continence product suppliers in New Zealand.

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Continence NZ Sponsors

Company Name: Asaleo Care
Phone Number: 0800 443 068
Website: https://www.tena.com.au
Products: Tena Products
Company Name: OI - The Organic Initiative
Phone Number: 0800 674 464
Website: https://www.oi4me.com/
Products: Pure, 100% certified organic cotton tampons, pads, and panty liners are naturally absorbent and non-irritant to provide comfort and protection that you can trust. Or try the reusable Oi Cup.

Other Suppliers

Company Name: Anzacare
Phone Number: 0800 374 753
Website: https://www.dri-sleeper.com/pages/about-us
Products: Bedwetting Alarms
Company Name: Big Kids Pants
Phone Number: 027 5987 617
Website: https://www.bigkidstrainingpants.co.nz
Products: Washable Children's Underwear
Company Name: BL Stringer & Co Ltd
Phone Number: 0800 807 126
Website: https://healthcare.blstringer.co.nz/continence
Products: Disposable Products & Wipes
Company Name: Brolly Sheets NZ
Phone Number: 0800 276 559
Website: https://www.brollysheets.co.nz/
Products: Specialises in toilet training products for babies and kids. Such as kids car seat protectors, waterproof bed sheets, bedwetting alarms and day and night training pants.
Company Name: Bunzl ANZ
Phone Number: 0800 223 627
Website: https://shop.bunzl.co.nz/
Products: Abena disposable continence products.
Company Name: Capes Medical
Phone Number: 0800 18 19 19
Website: https://www.capesmedical.co.nz
Products: Range of disposable continence products
Company Name: Confitex
Phone Number: 0508 003507
Website: https://www.confitex.nz
Products: Washable men's and women's underwear
Company Name: Continence Care
Phone Number: 0800 72 38 72
Website: https://www.continencecare.co.nz/
Products: Advance Continence Product and accessories. Swimmates Disposable Swimwear. Bariatric Incontinence Products.
Company Name: Discreet Delicates
Phone Number:
Website: https://www.discreetdelicates.shop
Products: Cotton light bladder leakage underwear.
Company Name: Dryfella
Phone Number: 0800 379 335
Website: https://www.dryfella.co.nz
Products: Range of disposable and washable continence products for men only as well as skincare.
Company Name: EBOS
Phone Number: 0800 104 401
Website: https://online.ebos.co.nz/default.cfm?action=browse&by=category
Products: Attends, men's and women's disposable incontinence products
Company Name: Global Medics
Phone Number: 0800 45 66 33
Website: https://globalmedics.co.nz/all-products.html
Products: Euron disposable range, d'imposable bed pads and skin care.
Company Name: Health7
Phone Number: info@health7.co.nz
Website: https://health7.co.nz/
Products: MoliCare disposables and skincare. Washable continence underwear and bed/chair protection.
Company Name: Independently You NZ
Phone Number: 0800 276 559
Website: https://www.independentlyyou.co.nz/
Products: Sell products for those with incontinence and additional needs mainly waterproof absorbent bed pads, waterproof mattress protectors and duvets, waterproof bibs and bandanas.
Company Name: JA Davey
Phone Number: 0800 523 583
Website: https://jadavey.co.nz
Products: TENSCARE Tens machine, bedwetting alarm and skincare.
Company Name: Jackson Allison
Phone Number: 0800 333 103
Website: https://jacksonallison.nz
Products: Catheters, Wetstop bedwetting alarm, mattress/pillow protection and disposable incontinence sheets.
Company Name: Kimberley Clark
Phone Number: 0800 733 703
Website: http://www.kimberly-clark.com.au
Products: Tena, Depend, Drynites and Huggies
Company Name: Moose
Phone Number: 03 329 6790
Website: https://www.moosebaby.co.nz
Products: Bedwetting Alarms and Toilet Training accessories.
Company Name: Obex Medical Ltd
Phone Number: 0800 656 239
Website: https://www.obex.co.nz/product-category/urology/incontinence-urology/
Products: UroShield ultrasonic device for urology catheter care, urinary drainage bags, urology catheters and accessories
Company Name: Pacific Hygiene
Phone Number: 09 477 5700
Website: https://lillehealthcare.co.nz/collections/frontpage?gclid=EAIaIQ
Products: Lille disposable products.
Company Name: Quality Care
Phone Number: 021 167 1320
Website: http://www.qualitycare.co.nz
Products: Attends and Tena
Company Name: Radius Care
Phone Number:
Website: https://radiusshop.co.nz/
Products: Online shop with a range of continence product
Company Name: Radius Care
Phone Number: 0800 213 313
Website: https://radiusshop.co.nz/
Products: A range of various continence products.
Company Name: SPQ Limited
Phone Number:
Company Name: SPQ Limited
Phone Number: 0800 83 49 83
Website: http://www.spq.co.nz/
Products: Advance Incontinence Products. Swimmates Disposable Swimwear. Bariatric Incontinence Products.
Company Name: Stay Dry Products
Phone Number: 07 865 9647
Website: https://www.staydry.co.nz/
Products: Bedpads,chairpads, catheter bag covers, waterproof sheets, mattress protection, waterproof overprints.
Company Name: Supercare
Phone Number: 0800 888 787
Website: https://supercare.co.nz
Products: Prevail continence products, mobility aids and toilet and bathroom aids.
Company Name: Swimspiration
Phone Number: 0274 328 143
Website: http://swimspiration.co.nz
Products: Washable protective swimwear for all ages.
Company Name: Take Good Care Co
Phone Number:
Website: www.TakeGoodCare.co.nz
Products: Continence products and accessories
Company Name: The Sleep Store
Phone Number: 09 816 8706
Website: https://www.thesleepstore.co.nz
Products: Bedwetting alarms, matress protectors, reusable wipes pillow protectors and toilet training advice. Little Bird brands distributer of the Therapp bed wetting kit.
Company Name: USL Medical
Phone Number: 0800 658 814
Website: https://www.uslmedical.co.nz/
Products: MoliCare disposables and skincare. Washable continence underwear and bed/chair protection.
Company Name: Vital Foods
Phone Number: 0800 848253
Website: http://vitalfoods.co.nz
Products: Phloe and Kiwicrush for bowel health.
Company Name: Wooltec
Phone Number: 0800 150 221
Website: http://wooltec.co.nz/range/incontinence/
Products: Washable men's and women's incontinence underwear, for light incontinence and bedpans.