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Pelvic Floor Focus

The Pelvic Floor muscle is a wonderful, hard-working part of the body that deserves a special kind of attention it often misses out on! Maintenance of a strong pelvic floor is essential to continence (bladder and bowel health) and sexual function - so why don’t we show it more love?


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Protect your pelvic floor and stay in control

Promoting pelvic floor safe exercise (fitness professionals)

Pelvic floor muscle training in women

Pelvic floor muscle training in men

One in three women who ever had a baby wet themselves

Pregnancy and exercise

Screening tool for women

Screening tool for men 


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If you would like a copy of this poster please email your name and address to info@continence.org.nz

The NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the Exercise Association of New Zealand support Continence Awareness Week which is a great initiative to raise awareness of continence health issues. Pelvic floor health and continence are very important issue to discuss, and there is qualified and experienced support out there for people experiencing issues. No longer is this an issue which those affected needed to suffer and stay in the dark. REPs is working closing with Continence NZ to offer new educational opportunities for REPs Registered Exercise Professionals to provide pelvic floor safe exercise to New Zealanders experiencing pelvic floor issues.