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World Continence Week 2024: Take the Pelvic Floor Challenge!

World Continence Week is from 17–23 June 2024, and we're focusing on pelvic health. This year, Jason Gunn has a special message to help inspire you to do your pelvic floor exercises.

In his video message, the beloved Kiwi personality talks about his experience learning about and getting started with pelvic floor exercises and discusses this with a pelvic health expert. Jason urges you to start your pelvic floor exercises today... "Let's not talk about it, let's start doing it!"

Watch Jason's special video message below and read on to find out how you can Take on the Pelvic Floor Challenge this World Continence Week:

If you are worried or need advice, Continence NZ can help – visit our website or call us on 0800 650 659.



Take the Pelvic Floor Challenge!

Pelvic health is important for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or fitness level. 

The pelvic floor muscles are a wonderful, hard-working part of the body that deserve a special kind of attention they often miss out on! Maintenance of a strong pelvic floor is essential for good pelvic health – not only can it be beneficial for the over one million Kiwis who experience continence issues, but it can also help to prevent issues from happening in the future – so why don't we show it more love?

We know how hard it can be to start new habits, and this is particularly true regarding pelvic floor muscles – many people don’t know what and where they are, and about the important role they play in our bladder, bowel, and overall pelvic function! That’s why this World Continence Week, we are encouraging you to Take the Pelvic Floor Challenge by doing your pelvic floor exercises daily from 17 to 23 June – find out more about the Pelvic Floor Challenge by following the link above.



Get involved: Host a Wee Chat!

Keen to participate this World Continence Week 2024? Host a Wee Chat! Find out more about how you can host a Wee Chat – whether it be a casual discussion or something more formal.



Pelvic Health Guide: World Continence Week 2024 Edition (COMING SOON)

The World Continence Week 2024 Edition of our Pelvic Health Guide will be available as a free digital download.

This guide answers common questions regarding pelvic health. You will find advice on pelvic floor muscle basics including simple explanations, practical tips and demonstrations, and where else to find help.



Downloadable Resources

Follow the link above to download our World Continence Week 2024 promotional and informational guides, posters, digital sticker, and social media images.