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World Continence Week 2023: What's Your Number?

This year, World Continence Week runs from 19-25 June 2023, and we’re focusing on healthy bowels for all!

When it comes to bowel health, we know it can be difficult to know what is "normal" or "healthy", so we've put together some resources to help you answer the question...

...What's Your Number?

In order to keep your bowels healthy, it is important to understand what's normal - not only what's typically "normal" for most people, but also what's "normal" for YOU individually. The Bristol Stool Chart is a tool that describes the different shapes and types of stools, helping to identify issues such as diarrhoea and constipation. 

View our Stool Chart for Adults to find out what YOUR number is, and if your bowel is healthy! If you need more support and advice around your bowel health, feel free to call us. Here's OUR number... 0800 650 659.




Get Involved: Have a Wee Chat!

Keen to participate this World Continence Week 2023? Have a Wee Chat! Find out more about how you can have a Wee Chat - whether it be a casual discussion or something more formal.




Top 5 Tips for Healthy Bowels

Read more about each of our helpful tips for maintaining healthy bowels, including links to handy posters, informative videos, and other downloadable resources.




COMING SOON: Healthy Bowels Through the Ages

This section will contain helpful information and resources relating to maintaining healthy bowels through every stage of life - from pregnancy/birth, childhood, adulthood, and through to the Golden Years!

You will also find our Continence Guide for Healthy Bowels, which will be available as a free download - watch this space!




Downloadable Posters

Download our World Continence Week 2023 promotional and informational posters.