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World Continence Week 2022: Let's Talk Tamariki and Teens

This World Continence Week, Jason Gunn has a special message for parents whose children are struggling with bladder or bowel issues.

The much-loved Kiwi personality, and dad, says he knows parents just want their children to be happy and healthy.

But in a video message for Continence NZ, he points out this isn’t always the case as one in 12 children and teenagers will have bowel and bladder problems.

Jason Gunn says we need to stop blaming ourselves and letting our children blame themselves. “It’s not their fault, it’s not our fault. What we need to do is understand it’s a medical situation and there are people who can help.”

He urges parents to call the Continence Helpline on 0800 650 659. “On the other end of that telephone there is someone who has empathy, and they’re experts. So they understand where you’re at and where your child is at. They also have a plan.”

Get involved - Have a 'Wee Chat'

During World Continence Week 2022, which runs from 20-26 June, we’d love you to have a “Wee Chat” about tamariki and teenagers.

Toilet training can be tricky, and often we think that once it's over, young people won't have any future issues.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Many things can impact a child's continence well beyond the toilet-training years. Constipation affects 30 percent of children and teens which can then impact the bladder, resulting in day and night time wetting. 

This takes a toll on your child or teenager and your whole whānau, something which can be exacerbated by the pandemic.

Thankfully, there is help available!

  • You can call us for a “Wee Chat” on 0800 650 659 if you need advice for yourself or the young people in your life. Our continence nurses can give you tips and let you know where you can go for further support.
  • You can also have a more casual “Wee Chat” with your child or teen about their bladder and bowel, letting them know you are safe to talk to and are there for them.
  • And keep an eye out for health professionals or community groups who will hold “Wee Chat” events during World Continence Week.

Our new Continence Guide for Tamariki and Teens is out now!

Also, find a range of resources listed here.








Would you like to host a "Wee Chat" of your own? 

If you are from a school, or a community or health group and would like to host a Wee Chat event, we'd be delighted to support you. Just fill out the form via the link below, or email us at info@continence.org.nz if you'd like to discuss your idea first.

We can provide videos and other resources to get the conversation going.

Sign up to host a Wee Chat here 

Downloadable World Continence Week posters: