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As Covid-19 resulted in the postponement of our annual face-to-face education days, we have the following webinars available, with men's and women's health webinars available from mid-November:

  • Daytime Wetting in Children, LUT Symptoms - Victoria Scott, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Urologist
  • Nutritional Care of Constipation in Children - Vanessa Pinny, Paediatric Dietitian (Hawke's Bay DHB)
  • Working with Children and Families with Toileting Difficulties - Nicola McDonald, Child and Family Psychologist
  • Constipation in Children - Lisa Smith, Children's Continence Nurse (Beacon Aotearoa)
  • Bowel Motion Training for Children with Disabilities - Kristina Spasovski, Registered Psychologist/BCBA (BeChange Behavioural Services)
These webinars are available via our member portal. To access, please login here if you are a member. You can contact us at info@continence.org.nz - if you are unsure of your password, or use the password reset function.

If you are not a member and would like to access this education, please complete our membership registration process here. Membership is $50 per annum for an individual, and also entitles you to other benefits, as outlined on our membership page.

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