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Video Series: Continence FAQs

In our FAQ video series, our Continence Educator Janet Thackray answers some of your most commonly-asked questions.

FAQ #1: Why do I leak when I cough, sneeze or laugh?

Janet says this is a common issue, caused by weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles...

FAQ #2: How much urine leakage is normal?

Absolutely none! See what Janet has to say about this here...

FAQ #3: What about bowel leakage?

Janet explains some of the mechanics of how this can happen...

FAQ #4 How often should I be getting up to go to the toilet at night?

About once a night is normal, while twice is ok if you’ve had a bit to drink...

If you have a problem with leaking when you cough, sneeze or laugh, please call us on 0800 650 659 for advice.

FAQ #5 Is there a way I can sit on the toilet to help get things going and ease my constipation?

There sure is! Janet has some tips ...

FAQ #6 I've just had a baby, what do I need to be careful of when I get back into exercise?

Janet has some important post-birth exercise advice.


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