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Continence Videos for Young Children

The Toilet Song by The Wiggles

Toilet training? The Wiggles to the rescue! This video is designed to help little ones sit on the toilet or potty for about three minutes - and realise when they’ve successfully gone wee or poo.


Sitting on the Potty from Super Simple Songs

A catchy song about sitting on the potty from YouTube kids’ music favourites Super Simple Songs. Little ones can sing along: “Look at me. Sitting on the potty. Tweedly dee. Sitting on the potty. I’m a big kid. Sitting on the potty. It’s potty time.”


How To Poo? from Get Well Soon

From the CBeebies show Get Well Soon, which is based on children's experiences of going to the doctor. It features five loveable puppet characters that come in to visit the doctor, and through them children get to learn about common health issues.

In this episode, Dr Ranj helps Deep when he feels blown up like a balloon and Nurse Morag gets the Healthy Helpers bouncing on hoppers when they look at what helps you poo.


Why Do We Wee? From Get Well Soon

In this episode, Poor Petal keeps going to the loo and Dr Ranj has to test her wee to find out why, then Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers look at why we wee.



Pirate Pete and Princess Polly

Videos that help parents with potty training for children aged 18+ months. Clear, informative and fun pictures are aimed at tackling the common anxieties that children may have about using the potty or toilet.

For boys:

For girls: