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Free On-Demand Webinars

Over the coming weeks, we will be offering free on-demand access to some of our most popular webinars.

We are starting with our popular Toilet Tactics for our Tamariki webinar series  we will be releasing each of the seven sessions weekly from April 2024. The webinar series is presented by Continence Nurse Lisa Smith, who has more than 35 years of experience working with children and young people. She has specialised in bowel and bladder issues in tamariki for the past 17+ years.

You can sign up for on-demand viewing using the links below:


Toilet Tactics for our Tamariki


  • Session 1: Healthy Bowels and Bladder
    This session lays the foundation for the remaining six Toilet Tactics sessions. It introduces the bowel and bladder basics including what is "normal",  tips for keeping a healthy bowel and bladder, and how the bowel, bladder, and brain are connected.
  • Session 2: Toilet Training
    This webinar outlines the toilet training basics including how to know when your child is ready and how to get started, with practical tips and demonstrations from an experienced continence nurse.


  • Session 3: Constipation (16/04/2024)
  • Session 4: Bedwetting (23/04/2024)
  • Session 5: Daytime Wetting (30/04/2024)
  • Session 6: Stool-withholding and Tips for Ditching the Nappy (07/05/2024)
  • Session 7: Toileting Issues for Children with Additional Needs (14/05/2024)

* Listed release dates are estimates and are subject to change.


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