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TENA - Invest in Continence Webinar Series

Incontinence affects over 70% of care home residents and over 50% of homecare clients. It is important to ensure that we invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that those with incontinence are kept dry and comfortable to minimise pad usage and promote social continence where possible.

To celebrate World Continence Week TENA will run a series of free short webinars on the various elements of continence management.  Hosted by experienced nurses in aged care, homecare and continence, topics include Assessment and Product Selection, Skin Care, and Night-time Incontinence Care.

The list of topics is below. Please feel free to register for one or multiple webinars. We look forward to having you there.

Assessment and Product Selection

Monday 15th June  11.00 - 11.30am AEST

Each resident needs to have an individual assessment for their continence management needs. This thorough assessment will aid you in choosing the right style and absorbency in a continence aid, helping you to avoid unnecessary  product  changes,  leakage and possible skin issues which can occur when poor product choice is made.  In this session learn how to conduct a thorough assessment.

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Incontinence and Skin Care

Tuesday 16th June 11.00 - 11.30am AEST

Aging skin is more susceptible to irritants, skin tears and breakdown, particularly  where  incontinence  is  present. In this session learn about importance of good skin care for ageing skin and how to keep skin dry, clean, and protected in the presence of incontinence with the TENA PROskin range endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

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Toileting and Pad application

Wednesday 17th June 11.00 - 11.30am AEST

Important to both an individual's wellbeing and their skin integrity, toileting a care recipient is an important part of their care plan. It assists to keep them dry and to have less continence aid changes. In this session learn about the importance of toileting even in the presence of incontinence. We will cover the 20  steps to better toileting and discuss continence aid application to enable toileting and improved care.

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Night-Time Continence Care

Thursday 18th June 11.00 - 11.30am AEST

Everyone needs quality sleep for our bodies to refresh & repair ourselves. This includes those who have nocturnal enuresis (night-time incontinence). In this session, learn about the adverse effects of fragmented sleep and the benefits of good sleep. We will also explore strategies to reduce disturbances overnight and how to promote quality sleep for incontinent individuals.

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Top 20 Continence Tips

Friday 19th June 11.00 - 11.30am AEST

What are the main things that make a difference to continence management in an aged care facility?  With many new routines and procedures to put in place, how do you focus on the few things that make the difference to staff time, care, and costs?

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