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Upcoming Community Education

Autumn Webinar Series

After some weather-related delays, we are excited to have new dates set for our webinar series with friendly and knowledgeable Continence Nurse Lisa Smith. Lisa is a Paedatric Nurse with over 35 years experience working with children and young people. She has specialised in bowel and bladder issues in tamariki for the past 17 years.

Healthy Bowels and Bladder 
Apr 13, 2023 9AM
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Toilet Training
Apr 20, 2023 9AM
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Apr 27, 2023 9AM
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May 4, 2023 9AM
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Daytime Wetting
May 11, 2023 9AM
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Stool Withholding and Ditching the Nappy
May 18, 2023 9AM
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Toilet Training for Children with Additional Needs
May 25, 2023 9AM
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