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USL Medical - World Continence Week Video and Webinar Series

Common Myths About Incontinence

There are many myths surrounding incontinence. This video helps dispel some of the most common ones that you may hear.

How to Select the Right Continence Product

Choosing the correct continence product can be confusing. Let’s look at three important considerations: style, size and absorbency.

How to Look After Your Skin

Skincare is very important when using incontinence products.

Quick Tips to Save Time and Frustration When Changing your Continence Pads

Planning is crucial so you can change pads wherever you are.

Diet Tips to Improve Bladder Control

A healthy diet is important to maintain bladder and bowel health.

Prostate and Incontinence

Many men face bladder weakness following prostate surgery.

Webinar - Dementia and Incontinence

Presented by Continence Nurse Consultant Kerry Poole.