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Adult Bedwetting

Hi,I was wondering if you could give us an idea of where to go next ,out son has been a bed wetter all his life and is now 18,we have tried a few different things to help him but nothing has worked,the latest thing we tried was an alarm which worked for a while but now It doesn't seam to do the trick. now that he is 18 it is very awkward for us... answer >>

wetting himself

Hi there, my little boy has just turned 5, he has trouble making it to the toilet in time, he has been like this for well over a year now, I thought first that he was just too busy to go on time but then he started to wet the bed almost every other night so I then thought that he is drinking too much because he does drink alot he wets and doesn't... answer >>


Hi, I'm hoping you can help me please. We took our now 8yr old out of night time pull ups 2 and 1/2 years ago at which stage his pull ups were wet every morning. After a couple of months of 3-4 wet beds a week he was doing pretty well and we only had 1-2 wet beds a week. To start with we lifted him every night before we went to bed but stopped... answer >>

Incontinence Special Needs Child

I have a 10 year old child with cerebral palsy. He is developmentally delayed and although happy to sit on the toilet, never passes wees or poos. I am wondering if there is any help or tips you could give me in trying to get him to achieve toilet training. Many... answer >>


I am a middle-aged man. When I go to the toilet, think that I've finished and have pulled up my trousers, I have a further dribble: wetting my clothes. What can I... answer >>

Frequency at night

I am a retired gentleman and have difficulty in starting to pass urine. Sometimes I feel I want to go - more frequently at night - but then cannot commence. What can I do about... answer >>

Trampoline - Wet Pants

I am a young Mum and embarrassed that when I have joined my children playing on their trampoline I have wet my pants. It has also happened when I have been running. What can I... answer >>


I'm wondering what the correct seating position is to aid bowel motions?... answer >>