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4.5 year old wetting

Hi there, our 4.5 year old girl is still having accidents and I'm worried about her attending school in Feb next year. She is bright, happy and confident. But stubborn! I've taken her to the doctor 3 times to see if the problem is physiological or behavioural. We've come to the conclusion it's behavioural. It generally happens when she's playing... answer >>

Son wetting at school

My six year old son has just started his 2nd year at school. He's had a wee accident several days now. I can't get any sense of why it happens. He's been toilet trained since 2 yrs. he knows where the toilets are; just doesn't seem to make it. It's happened towards the end of the day. Also, he is really resistant to wiping himself after a poo and... answer >>

my daughter

My daughter is 5 years old. She was toilet trained (day only) when she turned 3. For the 1st year all was well. This last year she has been soiling herself during the day quite often. Its usually when a lot is going on i.e friends are visiting, she is having a play date. We are out for the day. It seems she does not want to 'miss out' on whatever... answer >>

Hi I have a very nearly 5 year old who is still having "accidents" - sometimes wee and lately poo. It is normally a case of "not getting there in time" or "not remembering" or "brain was turned off" - from reading your website it seems fairly common which is quite reassuring but how do we help him? I am very... answer >>

5 year old soiling himself.

My son is 5 in three weeks and I'm at my wits end. He has maybe done three poos on the toilet in his whole life and all three occasions where very stressful. He gets incredibly grumpy when we find out he has pooed but he makes no effort to go to the toilet at all. He will just poo in his pants regardless of whether they are undies or pull-ups and... answer >>

Wetting pants

Hi my 5 year son started school 6 months ago. He has been fully toilet trained since 2 years old so I have been shock when hes been coming home with wet undies every day at school. During the weekends and xmas holidays he was good no accidents. What do I do? I have heard theres a watch you can get that has an alarm. Where do you get them from.... answer >>

'dribbling' in his undies

Hi, We started toilet training our 4 year old when he was about 2 and he got the hang of pooing on the toilet very quickly, but weeing is another matter. To start with he loved going to the toilet and trying and by the time he was three we had periods when he could stay dry all day, but for the past 8 or 9 months he seems to have regressed. He... answer >>

Daytime enruesis

Hi, My daughter is 9 and still wets during the day. We have done everything medically, she has seen a urologist and pediatrician. She is currently waiting on a bed wetting alarm but if we can't get the days dry there is not much point starting the nights. I am worried about her mental health with being wet at school and wearing pull ups while at... answer >>


My son will be 6 in January. He has never had proper control over his poos since we started toilet training when he turned 3. He seems to go through spells where he is mostly in control, to days where we have messy pants 2-3 times. When this happens he would rather sit in them then rush off to clean up or ask for help. When we've talked to him... answer >>

Night time bedwetting

My soon to be four year old son has gone from dry nights to wetting the bed once or twice every night for the past few months. He doesn't wet during the day, only at night. What should I do? Do I put him back into pullups at night? I am abit hesitant about doing this as he hasn't worn them for such a long time. Any help would be greatly... answer >>

8yr old boy with encopresis

Our son was toilet trained for numbers 2s before starting school and all was fine. However, for the last year or so he has had soiling. This was every day but is now about once a week. We tried Lactulose and he was going well. We made him sit on the toilet 20mins after tea and this worked fine. If he is involved with other children or watching TV... answer >>

holding on

My 5 year old, holds onto her poo with a vengance. We have tried star charts and though we had it solved , but since she started school 6 weeks ago its got worse. We have always seemed to have a bowel issue with her, from skids, to actually soiling. She had been alright for about 8 months with only the occasional blip. When she does move her... answer >>

Holding on

We started toilet training our 4 1/2yr old son just before he was 2 and we still going. When he was 6mths old he was constipated and again at 2. He constantly holds tries to stop his poos from coming out and tries do this very discretly. It seems he feels the urge and he works very hard at holding it in which looks quite distressing, small soft... answer >>

4 year old son toilet training.

Hi there, I have a 4 year old son who has been diagnosed with encopresis. He was given a picoprep sachet to remove any 'blockage' and is now on a stool softening solution twice daily to keep him regular. Despite all of this, he still manages to hold on at kindy all day and refuses to use the toilet, or even use a pullup there if I supply one for... answer >>

Holding poo's in

Hi, my youngest daughter (just turned 2yrs) has been holding on to her poo's. This has been going on for about 3 months. She got constipated, it was the start of summer and her juice/water cup had not been properly cleaned and tasted bad so she didn't drink for a few days. Added to this was a heat wave and no water and she got constipated, I did... answer >>

holding on

My 7 year old son has ADHD and was late (41/2) to toilet train. He has never been dry at night but in the last few months he has been holding on too long during the day. He gets wet undies, urine scald and smells of urine but is not motivated to get to the toilet on time. We have a lot of compliance issues with him and he has trouble leaving a fun... answer >>

My seven year old son has never had a dry nappy

My 7 year old son has never had a dry nappy at night. We've been referred to the continence service at the hospital but there is about an 8 month waiting list. Should I stop putting him in a nappy at night? Is this likely to help or not make any difference? I have tried for a few nights at a time in the past but he still wet the bed. We have... answer >>

Wet Knickers

I have a five year old daughter, she started school in February. She is fully toilet trained and sleeps through the night with no wetting. Just lately she has told me of having wet knickers everytime after she goes to the toilet to urinate. She urinates fine on the toilet and then after she wipes there is a leakage. I have asked her if her vagina... answer >>

Wet undies

Hi there, I have have just been reading your website which was suggested to me by our daughters preschool teacher and at last i feel like my daughter is not the only one, Anna is 3 1/4 and we started the toilet training at about 2 so we have been at this a while now with some success but mostly not. after reading under the section Enuresis where... answer >>

Encopresis and school

hi, my boy is 7 yrs old and was dx with encopresis.we have tried evreything thats out there, laxatives, enemas, trying desperately to maintain a regular routine, diet you name it. the problem is still there after a year and making a huge impact on his schooling. he argues with the teacher when she discreetly adresses him when he has an accident.... answer >>

Holding on

Hi, I have a nearly 4 year old son who is having trouble with toilet training. Until about 2 months ago he had not shown any sign of readiness for toilet training so he has been in nappies. 2 months ago he started wanting to wear undies so we let him wear undies in the weekend and prepared ourselved for accidents however they never came, he just... answer >>

Enquiry about toilet training

She is 3 and 1/2 years old and we were wondering about how to help her with doing poos on the toilet. She has been weeing on the toilet no problems independently for the last year and is dry at night. She has only ever done one poo on the toilet when she turned 3 in January this year. She became constipated around this time and didn't pass a bowel... answer >>