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Wetting pants


Hi my 5 year son started school 6 months ago. He has been fully toilet trained since 2 years old so I have been shock when hes been coming home with wet undies every day at school. During the weekends and xmas holidays he was good no accidents. What do I do? I have heard theres a watch you can get that has an alarm. Where do you get them from. Will this be the best option.


Little boys often have some urinary leakage. They tend to not recognise the need to go to the toilet when engrossed in activities, until it is extremely urgent, then have some leakage on the way to the toilet. They also hurry in the toilet as there are so many more exciting things to do, so only partially empty their bladders. Things you can get him to do are toilet at regular times – on waking, before school, at morning play time, lunchtime, after school, around dinner time, and again before bed. He should make sure he toilets before going out to play at morning tea and lunch as the boys tend to play out on the field or some distance from the toilets, so if he gets the urge to go while out there it’s a long way to run to the toilets.

Get him to double void to ensure he empties his bladder properly – pass urine, count to five, try to pass some more urine.

Ensure he shakes his penis after voiding to get rid of any drips of urine that may cause his underwear to get damp.

A watch can be a useful tool if he is having trouble holding on between the toilet times as above. If so, set it for hourly to start with. When he can stay dry for that length of time, increase it in ten minute increments until he can comfortably toilet 2 – 2 ½ hourly.

I hope this information is helpful.