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Night time bedwetting


My soon to be four year old son has gone from dry nights to wetting the bed once or twice every night for the past few months. He doesn't wet during the day, only at night. What should I do? Do I put him back into pullups at night? I am abit hesitant about doing this as he hasn't worn them for such a long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! kind regards :)


How long was he dry at night for before he recommenced wetting?

Was there any trigger to the wetting recommencing – illness, change in routine, arrival of a new sibling etc.?

How often does he void in the daytime?

How much fluid does he drink in the daytime?

Are there any signs of constipation – straining to pass a bowel motion, hard/dry bowel motions, mixture of ‘pebbles’ and liquid bowel motions?

He may have a small bladder capacity or overactive bladder.  Can you do a measure of a couple of voids he does during the day.  He should be passing around 120ml each time approximately.

Generally, if a child has been dry for longer than six months at night then starts wetting again, it is called secondary nocturnal enuresis.  If he is toileting frequently during the day, with great urgency, and passing small volumes, he may have overactive bladder.

For now, it will probably save you a lot of stress to put him back in pull-ups until the cause and remedy for his wetting is sorted.  Do some bladder retraining – full drink every two hours, and try to toilet about every two hours as well.

I hope this helps.