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Continence Information - Disability

The information available on or through this website is intended to provide general information to the public and is not intended to address specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information available on this website, however, we strongly advise seeking advice from your GP or medical practitioner before undertaking any dietary or exercise changes. 

Resources and videos

The generous support of the IHC Foundation has enabled us to create a collection of resources and videos for people with addtional needs, their whanau and carers. 

Our team is also available to help. Give us a call on 0800 650 659 for continence advice and support. Or email info@continence.org.nz - we are caring and confidential. We love being able to make a difference.

Please feel free to share these resources with colleagues, parents or community members who would benefit. 

Online Training

We are pleased to present two new and completely free training courses.

These have been developed with support from the IHC Foundation.

The aim of the Disability and Continence courses is to give you practical knowledge and tools for supporting people with additional needs to achieve their best level of continence and improve their overall quality of life.

There are two trainings - one for schools (e.g., teachers, teacher aides, learning support workers) and one for disability support services (e.g., residential staff, home support staff) - but the content may be useful for anyone supporting people with additional physical, sensory, developmental, learning, and/or behavioural needs.

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Toilet Card

Finding a toilet when out and about can be a challenge for people with bladder or bowel problems. It could even discourage some people from going out altogether.

Our toilet card clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly. Most places you visit will be willing to help you.

Get your Toilet Card here




Book adaptations: Poo Hoo and A Wee Secret



Let's Talk About Constipation series

Webinar: Toilet Tactics for Children with Additional Needs

Case Studies

Further information:

Charts for young people

We have also created some videos with helpful tips and information with our Continence Nurse Educator:

Click here to view our Continence Information Videos.