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Son wetting at school


My six year old son has just started his 2nd year at school. He's had a wee accident several days now. I can't get any sense of why it happens. He's been toilet trained since 2 yrs. he knows where the toilets are; just doesn't seem to make it. It's happened towards the end of the day. Also, he is really resistant to wiping himself after a poo and I still have to help. I have grown tired of this lately and his apparent lack of interest in learning to do it himself. He never does poos at school, I suspect because he doesn't want to/can't wipe himself without help, so he waits til he gets home . Could you suggest anything?


Hi There,
It would be wise to get your sons urine tested by your GP.  Sudden onset problems with passing urine are often caused by a urinary tract infection.  Get him to drink regularly during the day.  This will help his urine stay dilute and not irritate his bladder muscle.  
Bowel wise, can you ask him if he has any symptoms of constipation. - straining to pass a bowel motion, pain when passing a motion, motions like pebbles or hard and lumpy, a mixture of runny and hard bowel motions.  If he has these symptoms get him to drink more and try to eat more fruit.  If this doesn't help, it would pay to see the GP.  
When he has passed a bowel motion on the toilet, ask him to wait a little longer on the toilet to ensure all the bowel motion is out.  It is common for people to think they have finished or being in a hurry, so they start wiping. While a small amount of bowel motion is still coming out.  This makes it smear around and be harder to clean up.
Don't worry that he won't have a bowel motion at school. Most people prefer to open their bowels in their own home.  Ask him to sit on the toilet about ten minutes after his breakfast.  Eating stimulates the bowels to move.  Ask him to sit with his elbows on his knees as this opens up the muscles of the pelvic floor to let the motion pass out more easily.  You may need to get a foot stool for him to rest his feet on while sitting on the toilet.
I hope this advice helps.