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More than 1.1 million (25%) of New Zealanders experience bladder or bowel control problems. In total, incontinence costs our country around $8.05 billion every year. Broken down, this accounts for $7,000 per person with incontinence per year in health, loss of productivity, informal carer costs and other costs.

Continence NZ ( NZ Continence Association) is the national peek body for continence. Continence NZ is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with bladder and bowel incontinence. Continence NZ provides professional and public education and promotes research into incontinence and related problems to improve genitourinary health. Find out more about us >>

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Toilet Training & Bedwetting - Mary-Anne Harris

Toilet training and saying goodbye to nappies is a major milestone for children and parents. But for some children it doesn't happen as naturally as it does for others. What is considered a "normal" age for toilet training and dry nights? What are the early warning signs of problems and what strategies can parents use to overcome issues? Mary-Anne Caulfield is a Tauranga based... more>>

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Continence Information - Children

Continence Information - Children - Click on the desired topic to find out more. Topics KEEA - Kiwi Enuresis and Encopresis Association Enuresis - Daytime wetting Bedwetting - Nocturnal Enuresis Faecal Incontinence (Soiling) Information for Teachers: Children who wet and soil Toilet Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities Teenagers and Bedwetting Enuresis... more>>

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Continence Information - Adults

Continence Information - Adults - Click on the desired topic to find out more. Topics Arthritis and Bladder and Bowel Control Chronic Heart Failure Issues Diabetes and Bladder and Bowel Control Menopause and Bladder and Bowel Control Parkinson’s and Constipation Stroke and Bladder and Bowel Control Caring for someone with incontinence Continence and Prostate - A guide for men undergoing... more>>

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Continence Service Providers for Adults and Children

Continence Services for Adults and Children. Click here to find a provider in your area, Listings for: North of Auckland, Auckland, Waikato - BOP - Coromandal, Lower North Island, Upper South Island, West Coast and Lower South Island Do you have a service that is not listed? Contact us for a listing.... more>>

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Toilet Card

Finding a toilet when out and about can be a challenge for people with bladder or bowel problems. It could even discourage some people from going out altogether. Our toilet card clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly. Most places you visit will be willing to help you. Get your Toilet Card here: more>>

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Useful Links

Should this site not have the information you were looking for, or should you require further information concerning bladder and bowel problems, please don't hesitate to use our CONTINENCE HELPLINE - Call 0800 650 659 Continence Foundation of Australia Ltd Web Address: Carers NZ Web Address: Prostate Awareness Society Contact 0800 627277 or Trevor... more>>

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Liz Childs talks to an patient with a prolapse, Lisa Yates with an incontinence patient, Toilet Training & Bedwetting - Mary-Anne Harris, Kinky Chiropractor - Dr Heidi Haarvik, CrossFit - Do You Pee During Workouts?, Good Morning Show - Let's talk about incontinence, NZ Continence Association Radio Advertisement, Pelvic Organ Prolapse? Physiotherapy can help, Pelvic Floor Problem? Physiotherapy... more>>

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Ask Questions

Ask questions and get answers. See the questions others have asked. Children's Continence Questions and Answers >> Adult's Continence Questions and Answers >>... more>>

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News & Events

Upcoming guideline consultation, World Continence Awareness Week... more>>

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Contact Us

Our Contact Details Free Phone HELPLINE 0800 650 659 If you would like to contact us through our physical/postal address please feel free to use the following details: Continence NZ Jan Zander Executive Officer PO Box 270 Drury 2247 Phone: +64 9 238 3172 E-mail: To send us any comments, enquiries or complaints, please use the feedback form here.... more>>