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Continence Education Day 2015

Auckland Airport Domestic Terminal Conference Centre

Friday 06 March 2015 10am - 3pm

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Chiropractor and the Pelvic Floor

A chiropractor that can take more than just the kink out of your back!


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Can't Wait Toilet Card - Now Avalaible

Finding a toilet when out continues to be a priority for many affected by a bladder or bowel problem. The card clearly states the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly.

The card is a small credit card size that will easily fit into a wallet or pocket.

If you would like a “Cant Wait Toilet Card” please click here and fill out the form and the card will be posted out to you.


Extreme exercise catching out many women

The popularity of intense exercise such as bootcamps is leading to more people wetting themselves, medical professionals warn.

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Also see our guide to pelvic floor safe exercise

World Continence Week Radio Advert.

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Toilet training app for children with special needs

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Do you have a continence question you want answered?

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Continence Reports

Media release '1 in 4 New Zealander's to have incontinence by 2030' 

Report: 'The economic impact of incontinence in New Zealand'

Continence Services in New Zealand - History, Services, Costs and Impacts, A Call for Action Paper

'Continence Services in NZ, 2009'

Online Continence Education

Careerforce, the industry training organization for Aged Care, Health, Disability and Social Services in conjunction with NZ Continence Association and Carers NZ to develop an online learning programme that carers and paid workers in the sector can access for their own information or as part of their formal qualifications.

Go to and click on continence.

Children's Books


A Wee Secret - Written by Children's Continence nurse Jacqueline Brown and illustrated by ex-Disney animator Myke Sutherland. Read more>>


Poo Hoo - written by Jacqueline Brown and illustrated Scott Irvine. Now avaliable to order click here

Toilet Tactics kit

Please email to request you free copy of Toilet Tactics disc. Click here to view the Toilet Tactics Kit online

More than 1.1 million (25%) of New Zealanders experience bladder or bowel control problems. In total, incontinence costs our country around $8.05 billion every year. Broken down, this accounts for $7,000 per person with incontinence per year in health, loss of productivity, informal carer costs and other costs.

New Zealand Continence Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with bladder and bowel incontinence. The New Zealand Continence Association provides professional and public education and promotes research into incontinence and related problems to improve genitourinary health.

World Continence Week 2015

22-28 June 2015

Theme: Family & Friend Carers

Online Continence Education Programme

Adult's Continence Education programme now available online. Registration $50.00 go to

Free Pelvic Floor Safe App

Download the free Pelvic Floor Safe exercise app which features video workouts and exercise guide. Developed by the Continence Foundation of Australia.


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Continence Videos


Pelvic Organ Prolapse? Physiotherapy can help. Listen to Susan's story on how physiotherapy helped with her pelvic organ prolapse View video>>


Pelvic Floor Problem? Physiotherapy can help. Listen to Helen's story on how physiotherapy helped with her incontinence (urine leakage). View video>>


Good Morning Show - Let's talk about incontinence - NZ physiotherapists Gill Stotter and Liz Childs... View video>>


Have a listen to our new radio advertisement. Got a leaky bladder? Now you can get help. View video>>


Rory McKernan posed the question to women at the Central East Regional, "Do you pee during your workouts?" Here's what he found out.. View video>>

Watch more videos from Lisa Yates, Fiona Ross, Dr Cathy Stephenson and more. See all videos>>

Updated: See our blog post: "CrossFit gets it wrong - the truth about peeing during workouts"

Books and Pamplets

books pamphletsA range of books and resources are available from the NZ Continence Association.
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Family Care Radio

home_family_care_radioRecorder interviews on continence topics.

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