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Helpline 0800 650 659 continence nz

Testimony - A Personal Story

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to your organization for giving me back my life.

Some six years ago I developed all the classic symptoms of stress incontinence and urge incontinence. After two very stressful and anxious years I eventually consulted my G.P. complaining of frequency, urgency and loss of bladder control only to have my symptoms brushed aside with the remark that it was because I was rushing around too much, despite having told my G.P. I was almost a recluse because of my symptoms.

I laboured on alone until nearly three years ago. I heard a radio interview programme on the subject with 0800 help number that I rang and cannot express how much help I received and the benefits received.

I recently rang again after reading a small article in the local paper as I had a few queries. The support I received was wonderful, as trying to cope alone and in secret is very stressful.

I feel that I am now in charge of my own life with the confidence to do anything I want and go anywhere I like. Believe me, I couldn't have said that 3 years ago.

So many thanks for all the help I received, I couldn't have done without you.