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Pelvic Floor Focus Workshops 2018

For Fitness Professionals

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

5 CPD points (REPs)

Part 1
Anatomy and function - pelvic floor and the core

Part 2 - What is the Core?
Types of dysfunction of the pelvic floor and the core
Who is at risk of pelvic floor dysfunction?
Rectus Diastasis

Part 3
Pelvic floor safe screening tool
Pelvic floor safe exercises
How to teach activation of deep core muscles

Part 4
Pulling it all together
Factors affecting the core
How to know if the PFMs are functioning well
Should you prescribe PFM exercises
Case examples
Knowing when to refer on
Collaborate with PF Physiotherapists

Those completing this course will be registered as Pelvic Floor Safe fitness professionals.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To understand basic anatomy and function of the pelvic floor and core.
  • To be aware of the types of dysfunction of the pelvic floor and core.
  • To learn how to screen patients for pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To know how to apply Pelvic Floor Safety when developing an exercise programme.

13 April - Christchurch

Te Hapua/Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Rd, Halswell Christchurch

18 May - Auckland

Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Rd, Parnell


01 June  - Wellington
Skills Active Aotearoa 14 Sages Lane (Sages Lane is off Tory Street), Wellington

Continence NZ - 09 238 3172
PO Box 254, Waiuku 2341

This workshop is hosted by Continence NZ in conjunction with Exercise NZ and REPs (5 CPD points)