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Continence Information - Learning Disabilities


The information available on or through this website is intended to provide general information to the public and is not intended to address specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information available on this website, however, we strongly advise seeking advice from your GP or medical practitioner before undertaking any dietary or exercise changes. 

Resources and videos

The generous support of the IHC Foundation has enabled us to create a collection of resources and videos for carers, support workers and people with learning disabilities.

Our helpful video collection features our expert Continence Nurse Janet Thackray answering key continence questions, like how often it’s normal to be going to the toilet and how to get things moving when constipated. You can watch the videos here.

In this resource section you’ll find everything from simple toileting tips to a good food guide.

Please use and share these free resources widely.

If you have any questions about these videos and resources please get in touch at info@continence.org.nz or 0800 650 659


Toilet Card

Finding a toilet when out and about can be a challenge for people with bladder or bowel problems. It could even discourage some people from going out altogether.

Our toilet card clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly. Most places you visit will be willing to help you.

Get your Toilet Card here:


Toilet Map

New Zealand Toilet Map website, for finding nearby toilets when out and about.

To find your nearest toilet click here.

Useful information:

Charts for young people

Continence Information - Videos

We have created some videos with helpful tips and information with our Continence Nurse Educator.

Click here to view our Continence Information Videos.

Bowel Chart

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Good Food Guide

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Top Toilet Tips

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Products and Skincare Guide

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Bowel Reviver

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