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Continence NZ Team


Mark Weatherall

Mark Weatherall is a consultant geriatrician for Capital and Coast Health and an associate professor in the department of medicine at the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He has a special interest in rehabilitation of older adults after injury, especially hip fracture, and has been involved with the Continence NZ for many years.

Treasurer: Laurie Hilsgen
Secretary: Mary-Anne Harris

Executive Officer:

Jan Zander.

First employed by the Continence NZ in June 1994 to organise a Public Awareness Campaign 'Dry Pants Day'. Since then her role has expanded to encompass other organisational tasks and funding. She previously managed a large Accident and Emergency Clinic for 10 years employing 50 GPs and other support staff.

Committee Members:

Dr Bernie Brenner: Gynaecologist, Auckland

Cheryl Hammond: Regional Continence Nurse Specialist

Laurie Hilsgen: CEO of Carers New Zealand

Helen Peek : Continence Nurse Specialist

Mary-Anne Harris : Specialty Nurse - Continence

Lucy Keedle: Continence Nurse

Judy Hattie: Continence Nurse

Liz Childs: Physiotherapist