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World Continence Week 2014

World Continence Week is an initiative of the International Continence Society and is coordinated in New Zealand by Continence NZ along with the Continence Foundation of Australia. This year World Continence Week will be held from 23 to 29 June. The theme is Pelvic Floor Exercise in Pregnancy,... more>>

Continence NZ discussion Boards for Medical Professionals

At our conference in November 2012 a new Children's Group was formed. We have created a discussion board where members can offer each other professional advice. Visit the board now and click on Register. After we have approved your registration, you will be able to participate. NZCA Discussion... more>>

2012 Conference - Presentations now available

Presentations from the Conference Powerpoint presentations and audio recordings from the conference are now available here >>... more>>

Epidemiology - Statistics

Epidemiology: Some general principles Epidemiology is the study of disease and disability in populations. Population is used in the technical sense as a group of subjects who all share a common characteristic. This may be that they all live in a certain location, the usual sense of the word, but... more>>

Online Continence Education Programme

Continence Education - Adult's Programme Nearly four hours of video with a synchronised Powerpoint slideshow. Watch the presentations, then answer the multi-choice questions to earn your certificate. Presenter: Andrea Lord. more>>

Conferences / Workshops

2010 Conference Presentations 2010 Handout for Adults Programme can now be downloaded (requires password) Click here to download The following Conference Presentations are now available. FRIDAY Urinary Incontinence in Community-Dwelling Populations: Issues & Challenges for Continence Care A/... more>>


Nocturia Guidelines Click here to open the document. Enuresis Guidelines Full enuresis guideline Enuresis referral form Fluid balance chart Reward system Constipation guidelines Click here to open the document Urinary Catheter Guidelines Click here for the guidelines... more>>

Advanced Continence Education

POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN HEALTH SCIENCES - CONTINENCE MANAGEMENT. The PGCertHealSc(Continence Management) comprises two 30 point papers, one in each semester. There will possibly be a course running in 2016 Admission forms available from: Ruth Helms University of Otago, Christchurch... more>>

Australia and NZ Journal

Click here for back issues of the journal The Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal (ANZCJ) is a scientific, partially peer reviewed journal, produced under the auspice of the Continence Foundation of Australia and the New Zealand Continence Association (NZCA) on a quarterly basis. The... more>>

Research + Research Applications

Research - Research articles can be found here. Grants in aid of research Information & Conditions General The Continence NZ is an organization comprising members who have a professional interest in continence. An important aim of the NZCA is to promote research into continence, particularly... more>>

Research Articles

Research Articles - Available articles in PDF form: Research priorities in urinary incontinence: results from citizensí juries Action Research: Supporting quality in a nursing continence service. Facilitating controlled transparency about continence issues in New Zealand... more>>

Conference Grants

There are funds avaliable for members who have been a financial member of the NZCA for at least one year. The amounts avaliable are $250.00 for a national conference (to a total of $2000.00) and $500.00 for an international Conference (to a total of $4000.00). Please apply in writing to... more>>

Links for Medical Professionals

Movicol (also known as Macrogol, PEG3350) Medsafe Data Sheet - Movicol. Treatment of faecal impaction with polyethelene glycol plus electrolytes (PGE + E) followed by a double-blind comparison of PEG + E versus lactulose as maintenance therapy. PEG 3350 (Transipeg) versus lactulose in the... more>>